ARTlandya - Tenerife

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ARTlandya - Tenerife
is unique in whole Europe!
A museum for contemporary dollART at the highest international level!
A world of experience with DOLLs and TEDDYs, a world for children and adults!
Everybody who wants to experience Tenerife just outside of mass tourism, is able to find a worthwhile goal - very close to the Centre of Icod de los Vinos.
The small town with its old and historic towncentre is also known for the Millenary Dragon Tree, the Drago Milenario, which is located approximately three kilometres from ARTlandya. In Santa Barbara, a district of Icod de los Vinos, with quiet, rural ambience, you will find ARTlandya - la Finca.
ARTlandya - Tenerife
It is an estate with a tropical Park and old, stylishly renovated Canarian houses with different exhibitions. We show you the fascinating world of dollART! ARTlandya is no dusty museum in the customary sense but dollART from today in rooms from yesterday.
ARTlandya is a private company and is maintained by your visit! With your entry, you support many artists in their work and contribute to ensuring that this art continues to be preserved.
In the future, we also want to support artists throughout Europe with special exhibitions and workshops in order to promote themselves and their works. This MUSEUM is something that lives and remain alive!
Besides, it is no TOY MUSEUM and no private collection of dolls of all kind.
ARTlandya - Tenerife
ARTlandya is no museum in the traditional sense but a world of experience with DOLLs and TEDDYs and it is unique in Europe, a museum for contemporary dollART!
You see exclusively artistic DOLLs created in the studios of the best artists. In the exhibition of ARTlandya there are artistDOLLs of more than 50 internationally well known artists made of different materials like porcelain, pulp, vinyl, wax, cernit, ceramics, wood or felt.

You always wanted to know how does a porcelain doll is made?

In a small workshop, integrated in the Museum, our visitors get the knowledge how to make a porcelain doll. We show you many working steps which are necessary to produce a doll of porcelain and which utensils are needed for it - and you get answers to your personally questions.
ARTlandya - Icod de los Vinos
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ARTlandya - Tenerife
In the former mainhouse of the Finca you can find today an exhibition of Teddybears.
These TEDDYs were manufactured by many different international artists, designers and manufactories in limited quantity and each Teddy speaks for himself.

Many people are collecting TEDDY bears. But why remained this passion the same for over 80 years? Even with an upward trend? I think there is only one answer possible - the TEDDY is and allways will be a partner and soul comforter for us. Not only for children but also for adults!

He is popular for over 100 years and he is loved by old and young. Once he found his child or his adult, he conquered his heart in a storm and never let it go! Beloved TEDDY bears ...
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During a walk through the tropical garden you can enjoy wonderful views of the Teide and the coast.
It is a beautiful leisure park with typically canary plants, yuccas, different palmtrees, many colorful flowers like brightly blossoming oleanders, hibiscuses or the "bird of paradise", the strelizias, lemon and organge trees, cactus, exotic fruit trees, idyllic places and romantic corners.
The visit of ARTlandya is completed with a walk through the impressive tropical park. And it is very easy to walk around even with a pram or a wheelchair. A real haven of peace, which you can enjoy wonderful with a cup of coffee and cake or some tapas with local wines on our terrasse. 
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SHOPPING at the Museum? Of course!
There is a nice little SHOP in ARTlandya.
We sell artistDOLLs and TEDDYs in limited editions for collectors but also some very special and handmade presents. In our shop we offer also objects of glassART, dolls and teddies for children.
ARTlandya - Tenerife
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We founded the DOLLmuseum of Villach in 1993, more than 20 years ago in Austria. After the turn of millennium we thought about to open a second museum on Tenerife.
So we organised in January 2003 the first exhibition in an old manor house in the towncentre of Icod los Vinos - Mundo Muñecas in the Casa de Cáseres, in the Plaza de la Pila.
In April 2002 we bought this old Finca. We planned a lot, renovated even more, dug vast amounts in plants, packed container in Austria and sent them on their way to Tenerife. But this is, actually, an another story. Caused by many delays we could open in March, 2012, finally, the DOLLmuseum ARTlandya on Tenerife.
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ARTlandya - Tenerife
You will find ARTlandya actually quite easy.
Icod de los Vinos is located between Puerto de la Cruz and Garachico and driving in direction dragon tree, el Drago Milenario, in the city centre, you can already see the first brown sign of ARTlandya opposite the Filling station Shell.
From there, simply follow these signs and after a short ride you are directly on the parking lot in front of the entrance.
By the way, two helpful tips for you:

for the visit of ARTlandya you should take plenty of time and a little hint for drivers: here are the exact coordinates for ARTlandya: 28.368076, -16.693929

We provide enough free parking lots to guarantee a relaxing time in our park 
→  Your ride with a TAXI costs from Icod de los Vinos to Santa Bárbara, ARTlandya circa 5 Euro.
→  If you come by AUTOBUS TITSA:
Puerto de la Cruz - Icod de los Vinos Line 363
Adeje - Icod de los Vinos Line 460
Icod de los Vinos - Santa Bárbara Line 358
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every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Mondays are closed - day of rest
ARTlandya is also closed on these days:
 24. and 25. December, 31. December and 1. January
Price of entrance
Adults 10,00 Euro
Children 6 to 14 years 4,50 Euro
Children 0 to 6 years admission free in accompanied by their parents
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TripAdvisor - Hall of Fame 

We received for the time of five years the CERTIFICATE of EXCELENCE with five points and 2018 ARTlandya was one of the few companies to be inducted into the HALL of FAME. We thank you for all the reviews and will continue to provide with heart and quality for an unforgettable visit to ARTlandya!

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