ARTlandya Teddy und Puppen auf Teneriffa
In the former mainhouse of the Finca you can find today an exhibition of Teddies. These TEDDY bears were manufactured by many different international artists, designers and manufactories in limited quantity.
Each Teddy speaks for himself. He is popular for over 100 years and he is loved by old and young. Once he found his child or his adult, he conquered his heart in a storm and never let it go! Beloved TEDDY bears ...
Teddyausstellung in Icod de los Vinos
The TEDDY is the most popular toy of the world. More than sixty percent of all British households have a TEDDY bear and in the United States there are more than 140 millions of them in the rooms of children and grown ups.
Teddybren und Puppen auf Teneriffa 
Many people are collecting TEDDY bears. But why remained this passion the same for over 80 years? Even with an upward trend? I think there is only one answer possible - the TEDDY is and allways will be a partner and soul comforter.
Not only for children but also for adults!
Teddybren, Icod de los Vinos, Kanarische Inseln
TEDDY bears are incredibly adaptable.
What other creatures could live in this way?
To be thrown out of the bed
in the middle of the night,
stuffed with dirty socks
in the washing machine and
having wax or something other stuff for dinner?
Sarah McClallan, american author
Teneriffa und die Teddybren
Friends of TEDDY bears are called Arktophile -
these are people loving them!
Teneriffa, Sehenwwrdigkeiten
Bears and dolls are so different.
DOLLs allways behave ladylike
but with BEARS there is another thing - you never know what's going on.
Playthings Magazin
ARTlandya Mundo Munecas
Artistdolls and teddy bears on Tenerife? But why not? Tenerife exists not only of nature - the island also offers a lot of culture!
ARTlandya is unique in whole Europe - it is a MUSEUM for contemporary dollART at the highest international level! A world of experience with DOLLs and TEDDY bears, a world for children and adults!
ARTlandya Teneriffa
Shopping at the Museum - of course! It is possible in a nice SHOP in ARTlandya. Here you find Artistdolls and Teddybears in limited editions fr collectors but also some very special presents. In our shop we offer also objects of glasart, DOLLs and TEDDIES for children and other articles of handcraft.
ARTlandya in Icod de los Vinos
You see, ARTlandya DOLLmuseum is more than a museum, it's contemporary dollart! We show you exclusively artistic contemporary dolls from the studios of the best known international artists. In future we want to support again with many special exhibitions artists in whole Europe to announce themselves and her works.The MUSEUM should be something that lives and remain alive!
That's why everything is just a little differently in ARTlandya than somewhere else! Convince yourselves of it ...
Zoe von Anne Mitrani
Icod de los Vinos is located between Puerto de la Cruz and Garachico on the northwest coast of Tenerife. The small town with the historical centre is also well known for the Drago Milenario. The legendary dragontree grows in the Parque del Drago. ARTlandya is only 4 kilometres away from the famous Dragoontree and after a short ride you are directly on the parking lot in front of our entrance.
ARTlandya - auf FaceBOOK verffentlichen wir regelmig Neuigkeiten und viele Fotos aus der Welt der KnstlerPUPPEN und TEDDYbren.
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